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Artist: ARGRPH (Pronounced ARE-GRAPH)
Track Title: 'CYMORTH' (Support)
Format: Single / Digital Download
Label: Libertino Records 
Release Date: 23.06.17
Genre: Shoegaze / Surf 


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CYMORTH (meaning Support/Help) is ARGRPH's follow-up single to the majestic melancholy that 
was 'Tywod' from late 2016. Spending studio time again with producer Llyr Parry (Y Niwl, Palenco, 
Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog), songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Emyr Sion was joined by Caradog Davies (drums+vocals) and Gwyn Rosser (guitar+vocals). Together they have created a song that musically brings a darker hue to their already distinctive dreamy, surf pop. Emyr is fastly developing to be one of the bravest and singular new creative voices from Wales. 

CYMORTH is a song "Dealing with the inadequate and destructive advice given to those suffering 
from mental health". "Mocking the sentences that I (Emyr) have heard time after time during the 
darkest points of my life" CYMORTH is a poetic and emotionally bruising song. There lies the magic 
of ARGRPH's sound, making the universal personal and the personal universal with music that is always emotionally stirring and beautifully uplifting. 

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